Renting Rvs before Buying Helps You Choose the Best Model

17 July 2015
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One way to help make up your mind about which type of RV to buy is to rent each of the styles you're considering. Then spend a weekend or longer in each one. If you haven't done much camping in trailers or other types of campers, you can learn a great deal by making various rental vehicles your home away from home for a short time. The Rental Strategy Expect to dedicate some time to this project. Read More 

Reasons Why Layering With Merino Wool Is Good When Camping

22 June 2015
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Staying warm when camping is essential during cold weather, so choosing the right insulating clothing is vital to your comfort and health. The best way to ensure you'll stay warm enough to enjoy your camping trip is to dress in layers. The four main types of layers are base layer, mid layer, insulating layer and outerwear. Since the base layer is the foundation for all the other layers, it should be given careful consideration. Read More