RV Camping And How It Is Different From Other Types Of Camping

23 March 2021
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Camping can be a great activity with friends and family, and there are many different ways to spend time outdoors. RV camping offers you some conveniences that tents and other forms of camping may not, but it can offer some challenges that you need to prepare for before heading to the great outdoors.

RV Spaces

When you are heading to a camping area for some RV camping, you need to make sure that the area you are heading to can accommodate RVs. Some campgrounds do not have the space for large RVs, and many are rustic sites with no utilities on them to hook up to. 

If you are considering a campground as your destination, it is crucial to call ahead and make sure that they have space and can accommodate RV camping. Some campgrounds have different sections for RVs that are more open and allow you to get in and out without damage to your camper, but they may still not have the hookups you want on your site. 

RV Campgrounds

For owners with large RVs, there are some specific RV campgrounds that provide larger access roads, large sites to accommodate the RVs size, and offer water, electricity, and sometimes sewer on the site. The cost of an RV site at these campgrounds is often more than a standard site at a smaller campground, but for RV campers, these RV campgrounds offer you all the amenities you want from your RV and are still very reasonably priced. 

Many RV campgrounds offer a store, activities for the kids with playgrounds and areas to run, and some even have space for your car if you're towing one behind your RV. Finding a nice spot on a lake or under some share trees is a great way to get away and still have all the comforts you want in the great outdoors. 

Long Term Spaces

Some RV campgrounds offer long-term sites for people that want to stay in a specific area for a while. Talk to the campground manager about long-term spaces if you are considering staying in a location for a while.

The nightly cost of a long-term site may be significantly lower than standard rates, especially if the time you are considering is during the off-season. Because the number of RVs coming in during these off-season times is lower, you may be able to select a prime spot to set up on and enjoy RV camping when it is quiet and with fewer campers there to disturb the peace.