RV Camping With Kids: 4 Tips For A Pleasant Vacation

19 December 2019
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RV camping with kids is one of those activities that can either be a lot of fun, or very frustrating. A lot depends on how you approach the trip and the guidelines that you set from day one. Here are some tips to ensure your RV camping experience is a good one all around:

Organize, organize, organize

With so many people in a small space, it is essential to keep things organized. You will all have more personal space if everything is in its place. Spend an afternoon prior to your trip making sure all kitchen supplies are at home in the cabinets, all of our equipment is neatly stowed and organized, and that there is designated space for each person's suitcase or backpack.

Designate changing space

Depending on how your RV is set up, getting everyone into the bathroom and dressed for the day can be challenging. A good workaround is to designate a changing area where people can get dressed for the day. This moves everyone out of the bathroom faster and stops family members from walking in on each other getting changed. You can hang a curtain over one bunk bed or set up a partition across one corner — depending on what works in your RV.

Bring plenty of games

Sometimes the arguments and grumpiness that can come up in kids while they are camping is actually due to boredom. On nice days when they can be outside exploring, they're probably fine, but on a rainy day, you need to make sure you have plenty of activities for them to keep squabbles at bay. It's worth buying a couple of new board games so that those games are still new and exciting during the trip. Bring the games out sooner, rather than later, if it appears you will be stuck inside for a while.

Sit down and talk about rules beforehand

Do not wait until the trip has begun to discuss rules. Your kids will be so excited that they barely listen! Instead, have a family meeting about rules before your trip even begins. Give your kids a specific list of instructions. These could include "everyone stays quiet after mom and dad turn the lights out" and "nobody starts a fire except mom and dad." Give your kids a chance to ask questions about the rules.

With the tips above, your RV camping trip will be one to remember — in a good way!

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