Four Reasons Summer Camp Is Important For Kids

31 December 2017
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There are many experiences kids should have in their lifetime that will ultimately provide them with the developmental fulfillment that will lead them graciously into adulthood. One of these experiences is summer camp, especially well-established co-ed summer camps in New England since learning to socialize with both boys and girls is important for real-world experiences. Here are four reasons why summer camps provides important experiences for your children:

  1. Gain Independence: Possibly one of the most important reasons is the gaining of independence. Summer camps offer more options for children than traditional schooling, so it's the one time of the year that they are able to let loose a bit more and make their own decisions. On top of this, many of the activities require creative/critical thinking or physical fitness, so there's no right or wrong way to get it done. 
  2. Gain Social Development: Summer camps provide a whole new way for children to interact with one another. While at school, there isn't much interaction outside of lunch or recess, but your children have a ton of social time at summer camp. There's no time to be quiet; it's just a time to have fun, and pretty much all activities are group-based activities. This means that your children learn how to interact with others even in a more stressful environment where they are learning how to work on a project or activity together. 
  3. Gain Emotional Development: Summer camps allow your child to learn how to handle other kids, experience frustration with their own progress in certain activities, and keep themselves organized, clean, and tidy--especially if it's a camp where they stay overnight. This prepares your child for the college experience later on in the future when they leave home. 
  4. Gain Interest in New Things: Finally, summer camps open your child's eyes to a whole new group of activities. This allows your child to better establish what they love and gather confidence in. Whether this be in any kind of sport or creative practice, your child is sure to develop a better sense of self, which is extremely important for building confidence. 

Bear in mind that they are many different types of summer camps and your child doesn't have to keep going to the same one every year if it's not something that they have found an interest in. Instead, try a different camp that has a list of different daily activities. With so many options, your child is sure to find fulfillment any summer season.