Things You Can Cook On A Campfire

19 January 2017
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If you've spent any time camping at all, you're probably already familiar with traditional campfire fare such as hot dogs on a stick, roasted marshmallows, pan fried trout, and the quintessential S'mores. However, you don't have to limit yourself to the old standbys when it comes to dining by the light of a campfire. Following are just a few of the fabulous thing you can cook on a campfire if you've got the right camping cooking supplies

Monkey Bread

With just a few simple ingredients such as buttermilk biscuit dough, white and brown sugar, cinnamon, and salted butter, you can make a delectable delight known as monkey bread. You'll need a traditional Dutch oven, some thick aluminum foil, and the dying coals of a well-fed campfire. Liberally coat the biscuits with a mixture of white sugar and cinnamon and place in a foil-lined Dutch oven, melt the butter and brown sugar together and pour over the coated biscuits, cover with another piece of foil, and bake on the coals until the mixture is puffed up and hot in the center. 


Use your own favorite bread dough or frozen dough you've purchased from the store to make delicious breadsticks over the campfire. Wrap them around sticks or a steel roasting utensil and hold them to the fire until nicely browned. Move them around in the fire rather than holding them in the same place to avoid scorching. 

Roasted Mushrooms

Combine sliced mushrooms, olive oil, and whatever herbs and spices best suit your palette and those of your campfire dining companions in a classic cast iron skillet to create a savory side dish for panfried trout, seared steaks, or other entrees. Cast iron frying pans are indispensable on camping trips, so whatever else you forget, don't leave this item at home. 

Dutch Oven Lasagna 

A good Dutch oven is another item that belongs on every camping trip. You can easily create lasagna by placing lasagna noodles at the bottom and layering your favorite ingredients on top. Place on campfire coals and cook until the mixture is bubbly on top and hot all the way through — about an hour or 90 minutes should do the trick. 

Banana Boats

Here's one that doesn't require any special equipment at all — you just need tin foil and a campfire. Split bananas down the middle, cover with chocolate chips and marshmallows, wrap in foil, and cook over a campfire until everything's melted and hot. Use butterscotch chips for a delicious variation. 

You can create many fabulous meals while camping if you've got the right equipment.