More Than a Bug-Out Bag: How to Equip Your Car for an Emergency Camping Escape

23 September 2016
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If you already have a bug-out bag set up, then the next step is to outfit your vehicle so that it's also ready for an emergency evacuation. No matter what the reason for your evacuation (examples include a natural disaster or civil unrest and rioting) you will need to have your escape vehicle already prepped to go. You might only have minutes to get your family into the car and leave before danger is upon you. For this reason, it's good to get your gear into the trunk of your truck ahead of time. The main items that are in your bug-out bag will not be included here. Things like first-aid kits, money, clothing, and matches will be in your bag. The items below are larger and should be stored in your truck in a lock box so that they can stay there until you need them.

Bottled Water and Food

While some people rely on water-purification tablets or filters, it's much easier to simply store liters or gallon jugs of water. This way you won't have to find a water source to purify; you can simply drink from your own supply. If you have big truck, you might even consider getting a large Jerrycan and filling it with water.

Hand-Crank Radio

You want to have a radio that doesn't rely on batteries. Once you get to your camping destination and are waiting to see where you will travel next, you don't want to drain the car's battery while listening to updates. A hand-cranked radio can be used while the car is turned off, and you won't have to worry about keeping a stash of AA or D batteries in your car, like you would for a regular battery-operated portable radio.

Axe, Shovel, and Machete

These are three tools you will need around your emergency camp. They are helpful for digging a fire pit, cutting wood, and cutting vines or branches. As a last resort, the axe and machete can double as defensive weapons.

All-Weather Tent and Sleeping Bags

You should get a tent so that you and your family don't have to sleep cramped in the truck. Get one that is all-weather so no matter what time of year you need it, it will work. A great feature on the tent is a pop-up design. These tents require no poles; you simply toss them up in the air.

Emergency-Preparedness Toilet

A camping toilet is a really great item to keep in your truck. When you are heading out to an emergency camping spot, you might not find an outhouse or bathroom. You might not have the time to dig a spot for a makeshift outhouse, so the easy and hygienic solution is to have an emergency toilet with you. These are simple to operate and use pails, plastic bags, and a comfortable seat. They don't have any chemicals or liquids like regular portable toilets.