2 Types Of Survival Gear To Take On Your Next Camping Trip

23 June 2016
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Camping can be a great method for getting away and unwinding from a busy or stressful life, but it can also be an inherently risky prospect, especially if you like to forego normal campsites and go deep into the wilderness. In that situation, you never know what might happen that could make it hard for you to get back without help, at which point you are going to need some basic survival gear that can make it easier for you to survive and to get rescued in the event of an emergency. Listed below are two types of survival gear that you need to take on your next camping trip.

Signaling Tool

A major component of any camping survival kit will be a signaling tool, especially if you hiked into a part of the wilderness where normal vehicles cannot reach. In that situation, much of the searching will be done via aircraft, which may not be very effective in areas with dense vegetation.

However, the inclusion of a signaling mirror can make it easier for aircraft to spot you if you can make it to an opening in the vegetation and reflect sunlight off of the glass. To increase your chances of rescue, move the mirror while it is in the sunlight as a static reflection of sunlight may be mistaken for a natural occurrence. You should also consider a survival whistle that will often be much louder than a typical whistle in order to help ground-based search parties pinpoint your location.

Charging Tool

Finally, you will want to make sure that you take some kind of charging tool with you on your camping trip to make sure that any electronic equipment is fully charged in the event of an emergency. Many of the charging tools on the market can be used to charge everything from a cell phone to battery recharging kits. This can help increase your chances of rescue by keeping your phone charged and maintaining contact with emergency services if you have a signal or keep your flashlight powered to help you signal for help or to travel safely.

One charging tool that is useful for just about any situation while camping is a crank tool. This tool will provide power by allowing you to plug an electrical device into it and turning the crank manually to provide power. If you want a more hands-off approach, you can also buy charging tools that use small, foldable solar panels, which is convenient but not very useful at night.

Visit your local camping supply or sporting goods store to browse the wide range of products that can greatly increase your chances of survival if you get lost in the wilderness during a camping trip. Signaling and charging tools are both vital pieces of equipment that can keep you alive and increase your chances of being rescued if you are lost in the wilderness.

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