Renting Rvs before Buying Helps You Choose the Best Model

17 July 2015
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One way to help make up your mind about which type of RV to buy is to rent each of the styles you're considering. Then spend a weekend or longer in each one. If you haven't done much camping in trailers or other types of campers, you can learn a great deal by making various rental vehicles your home away from home for a short time.

The Rental Strategy

Expect to dedicate some time to this project. A good strategy might involve starting with the most luxurious of the campers you're considering and then downsizing with each subsequent rental. That way, you'll discover which features you can live without and which are must-have options. For instance, you may decide that you

  • prefer a camper you can detach from the main vehicle and leave at a campground
  • don't need a separate bedroom in back but do need a toilet and shower
  • need very little indoor cooking space
  • greatly prefer a certain floor plan in a trailer
  • must be able to get to the camper interior from the driving area

Important Considerations

Before you commit to buy, learn whether you cannot bring certain types of RVs to some places you want to camp. Some campgrounds don't permit larger trailers or motor homes. Some allow the bigger rigs but charge higher parking rates for those spaces.

Also learn insurance rates for the various campers. In general, premiums will be higher for larger ones. 

When you contact businesses that sell RVs, ask whether they apply any percentage of rental fees to a future purchase. Some do.

The Importance of Not Skimping

As long as you can afford the features you want, it's important not to skimp. You'll likely spend many hours of traveling and camping in this RV, and you don't want to continually regret not choosing the one with options you really liked.

An Enjoyable Adventure

By renting different RV models, you'll learn which features are most important and how much room you need. You'll find out whether certain types of campers are too big or unwieldy for the types of trips you like to take. You'll discover whether you feel too crowded in certain campers when you have friends or relatives along. You'll probably learn that there are features you never imagined would be really important, but that you absolutely love.

Make the rental process an enjoyable adventure that leads you to the camper with the best features for your particular preferences. Try contacting a business like Camping World of Ocala to get started.