Reasons Why Layering With Merino Wool Is Good When Camping

22 June 2015
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Staying warm when camping is essential during cold weather, so choosing the right insulating clothing is vital to your comfort and health. The best way to ensure you'll stay warm enough to enjoy your camping trip is to dress in layers. The four main types of layers are base layer, mid layer, insulating layer and outerwear.

Since the base layer is the foundation for all the other layers, it should be given careful consideration. Merino wool makes a good base layer, mid layer and insulating layer. These layers should then be covered with waterproof outerwear. There are several reasons why merino wool is a choice for a base layer for tops and bottoms.

As a Base Layer, Merino Wool is Comfortable and Odor Resistant

The base layer is the clothing that is worn next to the skin, so the material chosen must be comfortable next to the skin. Although many people find regular wool to be too irritating to be worn as a base layer, merino wool is different. It's very soft, lightweight and it wicks moisture away from the skin. It's also constructed of thin fibers that doesn't retain odors easily, so odors are less of a concern if you have to wear your base layer for more than one day between washing during your camping trip.

As a Mid Layer Merino Wool is Warm But Doesn't Overheat

Merino wool is so versatile that it can be worn during all but the hottest days. This lightweight fabric can keep you warm during cold months, yet keep you cool during the warmer months because it doesn't overheat. During colder weather, wear a base layer with a heavier weather as a mid layer. When camping during warmer months, you may not need a base layer during the day, but you can wear a lightweight pullover or vest that can be easily removed, when needed.

As an Insulating Layer Merino Wool is Effective Even When Wet

Although wool takes longer to dry than synthetic fabrics, it retains its ability to keep you warm, even when wet. Because of this, you may want to carry enough insulating layers to rotate in case one gets wet. This will allow enough time for the wet item to dry. This renewable, biodegradable fabric is good for people with allergies to man-made materials. Merino wool is also machine washable and fire resistant; not bad qualities to have during the rigors of a camping trip.

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