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Tips for Camping While Pregnant

Things You Can Cook On A Campfire

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If you’ve spent any time camping at all, you’re probably already familiar with traditional campfire fare such as hot dogs on a stick, roasted marshmallows, pan fried trout, and the quintessential S’mores. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to the old standbys when it comes to dining by the light of a campfire. Following are just a few of the fabulous thing you can cook on a campfire if you’ve got the right camping cooking supplies.  Monkey Bread With just a few simple ingredients such as buttermilk biscuit dough, white and brown sugar, cinnamon, and salted butter, you can make a delectable delight known as monkey bread. You’ll need a traditional Dutch oven, some thick aluminum foil, and the dying coals of a well-fed campfire. Liberally coat the biscuits with a mixture of white sugar and cinnamon and place in a foil-lined Dutch oven, melt the butter and brown sugar together and pour over the coated biscuits, cover with another piece of foil, and bake on the coals until the mixture is puffed up and hot in the center.  Breadsticks Use your own favorite bread dough or frozen dough you’ve purchased from the store to make delicious breadsticks over the campfire. Wrap them around sticks or a steel roasting utensil and hold them to the fire until nicely browned. Move them around in the fire rather than holding them in the same place to avoid scorching.  Roasted Mushrooms Combine sliced mushrooms, olive oil, and whatever herbs and spices best suit your palette and those of your campfire dining companions in a classic cast iron skillet to create a savory side dish for panfried trout, seared steaks, or other entrees. Cast iron frying pans are indispensable on camping trips, so whatever else you forget, don’t leave this item at home.  Dutch Oven Lasagna  A good Dutch oven is another item that belongs on every camping trip. You can easily create lasagna by placing lasagna noodles at the bottom and layering your favorite ingredients on top. Place on campfire coals and cook until the mixture is bubbly on top and hot all the way through — about an hour or 90 minutes should do the trick.  Banana Boats Here’s one that doesn’t require any special equipment at all — you just need tin foil and a campfire. Split bananas down the middle, cover with chocolate chips and marshmallows, wrap in foil, and cook over a campfire until everything’s melted and hot. Use butterscotch chips for a delicious variation.  You can create many fabulous meals while camping if you’ve got the right...

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More Than a Bug-Out Bag: How to Equip Your Car for an Emergency Camping Escape

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If you already have a bug-out bag set up, then the next step is to outfit your vehicle so that it’s also ready for an emergency evacuation. No matter what the reason for your evacuation (examples include a natural disaster or civil unrest and rioting) you will need to have your escape vehicle already prepped to go. You might only have minutes to get your family into the car and leave before danger is upon you. For this reason, it’s good to get your gear into the trunk of your truck ahead of time. The main items that are in your bug-out bag will not be included here. Things like first-aid kits, money, clothing, and matches will be in your bag. The items below are larger and should be stored in your truck in a lock box so that they can stay there until you need them. Bottled Water and Food While some people rely on water-purification tablets or filters, it’s much easier to simply store liters or gallon jugs of water. This way you won’t have to find a water source to purify; you can simply drink from your own supply. If you have big truck, you might even consider getting a large Jerrycan and filling it with water. Hand-Crank Radio You want to have a radio that doesn’t rely on batteries. Once you get to your camping destination and are waiting to see where you will travel next, you don’t want to drain the car’s battery while listening to updates. A hand-cranked radio can be used while the car is turned off, and you won’t have to worry about keeping a stash of AA or D batteries in your car, like you would for a regular battery-operated portable radio. Axe, Shovel, and Machete These are three tools you will need around your emergency camp. They are helpful for digging a fire pit, cutting wood, and cutting vines or branches. As a last resort, the axe and machete can double as defensive weapons. All-Weather Tent and Sleeping Bags You should get a tent so that you and your family don’t have to sleep cramped in the truck. Get one that is all-weather so no matter what time of year you need it, it will work. A great feature on the tent is a pop-up design. These tents require no poles; you simply toss them up in the air. Emergency-Preparedness Toilet A camping toilet is a really great item to keep in your truck. When you are heading out to an emergency camping spot, you might not find an outhouse or bathroom. You might not have the time to dig a spot for a makeshift outhouse, so the easy and hygienic solution is to have an emergency toilet with you. These are simple to operate and use pails, plastic bags, and a comfortable seat. They don’t have any chemicals or liquids like regular portable...

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2 Types Of Survival Gear To Take On Your Next Camping Trip

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Camping can be a great method for getting away and unwinding from a busy or stressful life, but it can also be an inherently risky prospect, especially if you like to forego normal campsites and go deep into the wilderness. In that situation, you never know what might happen that could make it hard for you to get back without help, at which point you are going to need some basic survival gear that can make it easier for you to survive and to get rescued in the event of an emergency. Listed below are two types of survival gear that you need to take on your next camping trip. Signaling Tool A major component of any camping survival kit will be a signaling tool, especially if you hiked into a part of the wilderness where normal vehicles cannot reach. In that situation, much of the searching will be done via aircraft, which may not be very effective in areas with dense vegetation. However, the inclusion of a signaling mirror can make it easier for aircraft to spot you if you can make it to an opening in the vegetation and reflect sunlight off of the glass. To increase your chances of rescue, move the mirror while it is in the sunlight as a static reflection of sunlight may be mistaken for a natural occurrence. You should also consider a survival whistle that will often be much louder than a typical whistle in order to help ground-based search parties pinpoint your location. Charging Tool Finally, you will want to make sure that you take some kind of charging tool with you on your camping trip to make sure that any electronic equipment is fully charged in the event of an emergency. Many of the charging tools on the market can be used to charge everything from a cell phone to battery recharging kits. This can help increase your chances of rescue by keeping your phone charged and maintaining contact with emergency services if you have a signal or keep your flashlight powered to help you signal for help or to travel safely. One charging tool that is useful for just about any situation while camping is a crank tool. This tool will provide power by allowing you to plug an electrical device into it and turning the crank manually to provide power. If you want a more hands-off approach, you can also buy charging tools that use small, foldable solar panels, which is convenient but not very useful at night. Visit your local camping supply or sporting goods store to browse the wide range of products that can greatly increase your chances of survival if you get lost in the wilderness during a camping trip. Signaling and charging tools are both vital pieces of equipment that can keep you alive and increase your chances of being rescued if you are lost in the wilderness. For survival training equipment, contact a company such as Urban...

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Renting Rvs before Buying Helps You Choose the Best Model

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One way to help make up your mind about which type of RV to buy is to rent each of the styles you’re considering. Then spend a weekend or longer in each one. If you haven’t done much camping in trailers or other types of campers, you can learn a great deal by making various rental vehicles your home away from home for a short time. The Rental Strategy Expect to dedicate some time to this project. A good strategy might involve starting with the most luxurious of the campers you’re considering and then downsizing with each subsequent rental. That way, you’ll discover which features you can live without and which are must-have options. For instance, you may decide that you prefer a camper you can detach from the main vehicle and leave at a campground don’t need a separate bedroom in back but do need a toilet and shower need very little indoor cooking space greatly prefer a certain floor plan in a trailer must be able to get to the camper interior from the driving area Important Considerations Before you commit to buy, learn whether you cannot bring certain types of RVs to some places you want to camp. Some campgrounds don’t permit larger trailers or motor homes. Some allow the bigger rigs but charge higher parking rates for those spaces. Also learn insurance rates for the various campers. In general, premiums will be higher for larger ones.  When you contact businesses that sell RVs, ask whether they apply any percentage of rental fees to a future purchase. Some do. The Importance of Not Skimping As long as you can afford the features you want, it’s important not to skimp. You’ll likely spend many hours of traveling and camping in this RV, and you don’t want to continually regret not choosing the one with options you really liked. An Enjoyable Adventure By renting different RV models, you’ll learn which features are most important and how much room you need. You’ll find out whether certain types of campers are too big or unwieldy for the types of trips you like to take. You’ll discover whether you feel too crowded in certain campers when you have friends or relatives along. You’ll probably learn that there are features you never imagined would be really important, but that you absolutely love. Make the rental process an enjoyable adventure that leads you to the camper with the best features for your particular preferences. Try contacting a business like Camping World of Ocala to get...

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Reasons Why Layering With Merino Wool Is Good When Camping

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Staying warm when camping is essential during cold weather, so choosing the right insulating clothing is vital to your comfort and health. The best way to ensure you’ll stay warm enough to enjoy your camping trip is to dress in layers. The four main types of layers are base layer, mid layer, insulating layer and outerwear. Since the base layer is the foundation for all the other layers, it should be given careful consideration. Merino wool makes a good base layer, mid layer and insulating layer. These layers should then be covered with waterproof outerwear. There are several reasons why merino wool is a choice for a base layer for tops and bottoms. As a Base Layer, Merino Wool is Comfortable and Odor Resistant The base layer is the clothing that is worn next to the skin, so the material chosen must be comfortable next to the skin. Although many people find regular wool to be too irritating to be worn as a base layer, merino wool is different. It’s very soft, lightweight and it wicks moisture away from the skin. It’s also constructed of thin fibers that doesn’t retain odors easily, so odors are less of a concern if you have to wear your base layer for more than one day between washing during your camping trip. As a Mid Layer Merino Wool is Warm But Doesn’t Overheat Merino wool is so versatile that it can be worn during all but the hottest days. This lightweight fabric can keep you warm during cold months, yet keep you cool during the warmer months because it doesn’t overheat. During colder weather, wear a base layer with a heavier weather as a mid layer. When camping during warmer months, you may not need a base layer during the day, but you can wear a lightweight pullover or vest that can be easily removed, when needed. As an Insulating Layer Merino Wool is Effective Even When Wet Although wool takes longer to dry than synthetic fabrics, it retains its ability to keep you warm, even when wet. Because of this, you may want to carry enough insulating layers to rotate in case one gets wet. This will allow enough time for the wet item to dry. This renewable, biodegradable fabric is good for people with allergies to man-made materials. Merino wool is also machine washable and fire resistant; not bad qualities to have during the rigors of a camping trip. To learn more about merino wool, visit a website...

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